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Lawrence Murley - Collared Lizard Sculpture

Working in both America and the UK, Lawrence Murley has received wide acclaim and success with his sculptures in galleries on both sides of the Atlantic ocean.

Lawrence carves in a selection of beautifully coloured stone, his favourite being serpentine(Cornish marble). He is mostly known for his sculptures of reptiles and amphibians, but more recently the addition of mamals and crustaceans bring a broader spectrum of animals to life in stone.

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The quality of the images shown in the gallery on this website are constrained by the internet medium; The realism, three dimensional quality, tactile nature, and beauty of Lawrence Murley's work can only be experienced by seeing the sculptures 'for real'.

Forthcoming and resident exhibitions of Lawrence's work can be found by clicking on the exhibitions link.

We look forward to seeing you there....

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